Team Space Squids
Founded 2009
Status Active
Leader Laughlollol
Headquarters Town (Club Penguin: Game Day!),
Dock (Penguin Cup)
Alias(es) Team Green, Team Space Squids

Team Space Squids, also known as Team Green, is one of the four teams in Club Penguin. They are recognized as the funniest team. They came 4th in the Penguin Cup.

Team Profile

Technically brilliant. They use all the latest strategies to secure wins.


  • The Green Team first appeared in 2009.
  • They got the official name 'Space Squids' prior to the Penguin Cup.
  • They are named after Space Squids.
  • Their headquarters was at the Dock during the Penguin Cup 2014.
  • During the Penguin Cup 2014, Megg was temporarily the leader of the Green Team.


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