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Tato Maxx
Tato Maxx Player Card

Full Name Max
Born Argentina
Position Moderator / Spanish Blogger
Joined Club Penguin August 2012
Left Club Penguin Still employed
Penguin Name Tato Maxx
Tato Maxx's current player card

Tato Maxx is a Spanish moderator who first appeared in the trailer for the Holiday Party 2012. He also works for the Spanish What's New Blog.


  • Tato Maxx has a Twitter account - @tatomaxx which is currently private.
  • He appeared in Issue 1 of the Spanish Club Penguin Magazine.
  • Tato Maxx was the first moderator to give away a rare Item at a party.
  • He gave a Hawaiian Lei to everyone who attended his anniversary party on August 16, 2013.
  • His favorite Server is "Batido de Mango" (A Spanish server).


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