TIE Fighter Pilot Costume
TIE Fighter Pilot Costume icon
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Body Item
Member item No
Party No
Cost Free
Where found Unlock Items Online
Item ID 14904
Unlockable Yes
Not to be confused with the TIE Fighter Costume.

The TIE Fighter Pilot Costume was a body item in Club Penguin. It could have been unlocked by using the code BARONFEL.


Found Available from Available until
Unlock Items Online July 11, 2013 Unknown


  • The original code was STARWARS, but it was replaced due to error messages when trying to obtain it or not appearing in the inventory for players who unlocked it before July 11, which was later fixed. The code was later replaced to prevent this occurrence.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFantasia de Piloto de TIE
FrenchLe Costume de Pilote de Chasseur TIE
SpanishDisfraz del piloto de Caza TIE
Russian N/A