System Defender
System Defender Logo
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location EPF Command Room
Date released January 14, 2011
Date closed March 30, 2017
For the adventure from Club Penguin Island, see Ep. 8 - System Defender.

The System Defender is a game and a security system that was launched on January 14, 2011. Currently, all EPF Agents can play this game in the EPF Command Room. System Defender is a Tower Defense type game. There are fourteen stamps for this game. It is used to defend the EPF Mainframe computer from threats.


Red Cannon

The red cannon shoots fast, but is weak in terms of damage. Costs 50 energy, and is best used for the beginning of all levels.

Yellow Cannon

The yellow cannon has a long range, and has a moderate damage output and firing speed. Costs 125 energy and is best used in places where red and purple cannons would not be able to hit bots.

Purple Cannon

The purple cannon does considerable amounts of damage, but fires slowly. Deals a fatal blow to each bot it hits, but shoots slowly. Costs 200 energy, and is best used against purple and boss bots.


Gears are items used to upgrade cannons. They are sometimes dropped by boss bots, or can be bought for 500 energy. When used on red cannons, they add more shots per hit. For yellow cannons, they increase damage and range. For purple cannons, they increase damage, and add mini shots, which do a fair amount of damage, and are somewhat faster than the regular shot of the cannon.


Red Bots


Red bot

  • Red bots attack in large groups.
  • Best suited cannon: Red, because they can deal damage over a huge area by blasting away quickly.

Yellow Bots


Yellow bot

  • Yellow bots are fast.
  • Best suited cannon: Yellow, as their projectiles does not need time to reach destination bot.

Purple Bots


Purple bot

  • Purple bots can take lots of damage.
  • Purple bots are slow.
  • Best suited cannon: Purple, as their beam of energy is concentrated and powerful, and high rate of fire is not necessary.

Boss Bots

Boss bots are larger, harder to destroy and do more damage than regular bots. Sometimes, when destroyed, they drop a gear which can be used to upgrade cannons.

Ultimate Protobot

The leader of all bots. It was also in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game and was rebuilt by Herbert P. Bear. The Ultimate Protobot is also capable of scanning the layout that you have placed, creating attack patterns that will be harder for you.

Herbert P. Bear

Herbert P. Bear is the source and rebuilder of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 and also controls all the small bots.

Test Bots

The Test Bots were supposedly rebuilt by Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000.


Klutzy thinks Herbert's computer is an arcade, and attacks the EPF.


Challenge 38/100

Enemy bots are attacking the EPF mainframe computer. But who is responsible?

Challenge 47/100

Herbert P. Bear is back to destroy the EPF. Can you stop him in time?

Challenge 54/100

The EPF faces one of its toughest challenges when it is attacked by... Klutzy?

Challenge 73/100

The Test Robots are attacking all at once. Can you outsmart all three? (MEMBERS ONLY)

Challenge 96/100

RED ALERT! The Ultimate Protobot is attacking the EPF mainframe. Battle Stations! (MEMBERS ONLY)

Challenge 100/100

TRACK HERBERT!!! Herbert is back with more tricks up his sleeve. Can you face him?


At the beginning of the game you have a starting amount of 200 energy. Sometimes enemies drop extra energy, which can range from 5 to 50.

Weapon Prices

  • Red Cannon = 50
  • Yellow Cannon = 125
  • Purple Cannon = 200
  • Gear = 500


Main article: List of System Defender Stamps


  • Use the 200 energy at the start to make 4 red cannons, except for the "Track Herbert" level, where you put up 1 purple cannon on a corner.
  • U-turns and corners are the places where the red cannons should be placed.
  • Once most of the u-turns and corners are filled with red cannons, build yellow cannons separated evenly by each other.
  • Build multiple groups of yellow cannons clustered in groups of 2-6. Yellow cannons are extremely good at protecting huge waves of bots.
  • Build purple cannons when the bosses start appearing in huge groups. They are the perfect anti-boss weapons.
  • When upgrading, upgrade one cannon fully before upgrading the next.
  • Try to completely upgrade each cannon.


  • Rookie is the cause of some robots, due to him accidentally opening a jar that was labeled "COMPUTER BUGS", when he mistook it for, "COMPUTER HUGS".
  • You can earn 1 Medal (Field-Ops) when you stop a threat for the first time, you can't receive one after beating a previously beaten level.
  • This game is the first appearance of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 in online Club Penguin.
  • Formerly, in the Stamp Book page for this game, one of the pictures required a higher amount of stamps than the amount of stamps that existed, as it required 16 stamps whereas there are only 14 in the game. This was later changed to 14 stamps for the picture to appear. The missing stamps are the Strategic 318 stamp and the Energy 9999 stamp.
  • There is a Card-Jitsu card named Enemy Bots, which depicts the three bots in the game, along with an unseen fourth bot. It is spherical and dark black, with navy blue colored eyes. A portrait for this bot also appears in the game's files, along with the other portraits.
  • When initially released, System Defender's label said **system_defend** when hovered over. This was later fixed.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseDefensor do Sistema
FrenchDéfenseur de Système
SpanishDefensor del sistema
GermanSystem Defender
RussianКибер защита


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