Swim Wear are types of clothes found in the Penguin Style catalog during the summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and occasionally in other scenarios (such as the clothes released during January 2012, a usually cold month in the Northern Hemisphere, during the Underwater Expedition).


Two penguins relaxing on the Beach, one in shorts and one in a bikini.

There are four types of swim wear in Club Penguin, and they are worn by penguins of both genders at parties that involve water and/or summer-themed activities. Penguins usually wear them in hot weather, while at the Beach, Cave, or Cove, which have swimming activities. All of these are clothing items that can be bought for your penguin.

Types of Swim Wear

Shorts/Swim Trunks

Main article: Shorts

Shorts, or Swim Trunks, are a type of swim wear for male penguins. They resemble short pants. There is usually a knot on the waist. There are many shorts, full of many colors, patterns, and designs. It is highly uncommon to see a female penguin wear these.


Main article: Bikinis

Bikinis are two-piece bathing suits. One article of clothing covers the bottom and groin of the penguin, and the other covers the top chest area, with a knot on the back to keep the top on. Female penguins are known to wear these in most activities. It is highly uncommon to see a male penguin wear these. There are many bikinis, full of many colors, patterns, and designs.

The Fuzzy Polka Dot Bikini is the only prehistoric piece of swim wear on Club Penguin Island, which proves that many penguins probably swam in the Mesozoic Era.


Main article: Swimsuits

Swimsuits are an uncommon type of swimwear in Club Penguin. They cove the entire body, but have no sleeves on the flippers. They are usually used in racing in the Underground Pool. They come in only few colors and designs. It is usually uncommon to see a male penguin wear this, though they aren't usually seen on female penguins, either, as most wear bikinis.

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