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Sushi mix
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Fish, Rice
Consumed by Penguins

Sushi is a Japanese food made of rice and other ingredients, usually fish or sea food.

Types of Sushi

There are 3 types of sushi: nigirizushi, fish on rice wrapped in a sliced sheet of nori, makizushi, seafood or vegetables wrapped in seaweed (or they can be made the other way as inside-out rolls), and temaki, which is basically a cone filled with sushi ingredients. However, temaki does not appear in-game.


  • It appears in the game Sushi Drop.
  • There is a furniture item called Sushi Table.
  • On Tuesdays, in the School, sushi appears on the cafeteria menu.


Sushi can be made by dancing while wearing one of two outfits.




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