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Surfboards are a type of transport in Club Penguin. They were released on August 31st, 2007, and on that same date, Club Penguin added a feature that enabled Members to ride their own surfboards in Catchin' Waves.


The surfboards in the Sport Shop before it was destroyed.


There are seven types of surfboards, each one listed below.


Surf boards

The surfboard page at the Cove.

  • Boards increase the speed you move, letting the player collect more coins in Catchin' Waves.
  • The Silver Surfboard is the fastest, but it is very sensitive. For example, when you move your mouse down a little the board goes down about 1 inch.
  • There is a silver surfboard by the Cove. It is on the opposite side of the fire and flower surfboards.
  • There was once a Surfboard pin in June 2007.
  • They used to be sold in the Snow and Sports catalog before it was moved to the Game Upgrades.
  • You can surf at the Epic Wave during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.


Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchLe Pinz Planche de Surf
SpanishTabla de surf
RussianДоска для сёрфинга

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