Super Secret Gadgets
Super secret gadgets
Number Mission 9
Characters You, Gary, The Director, Rookie, Coffee Shop Barista
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games Snow Trekker (Game)
New Elite Puffles None
Special Places Gary's Room, Gadget Room, Wilderness

Super Secret Gadgets is the ninth EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, you must help Gary test out his new invention: the Snow Trekker, and in the process, discover some interesting clues about strange events.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

At the beginning of the mission, you and Gary speak to The Director in the Command Room. Gary tells the Director that the replacement boiler he built is in the Boiler Room. Gary then asks if it would be okay if you helped him test out his new invention. He tells you to go to his room, to further tell you about his invention. After arriving in his room, he shows you a small model of his new invention: the Snow Trekker. However, he is missing one part, an Automated Cocoa Bean Distiller (a coffee maker) from the Coffee Shop. Upon arriving there, Rookie is talking to the Coffee Shop Barista. Rookie asks the barista when he noticed that java bags were missing, to which he replies, he first noticed when the delivery truck had a big hole in the side of it. You ask Rookie what happened, and he tells you that some java beans were stolen right from a delivery truck. He continues investigating, and you talk to the barista, and ask for the coffee machine that Gary ordered, and he tells you it is in a box in the corner. You pick it up and take it with you to the Gadget Room, where Gary is busy finishing the Snow Trekker. You tell him that you have the coffee maker, and he thanks you. After the Snow Trekker is built, Gary tells you it is time for a test, and that you will be the test pilot, to which you are ecstatic about. He adds the activation key to your Spy Gadget, and tells you to drive it into the wilderness, to test how it can handle rough terrain. After driving through the wilderness, you end up at a cave, and decide to take a look inside it, as there are some strange tracks leading into it. Inside the cave, there are a pile of snowboard warning signs, and an oil can. You take the oil can to bring back to HQ, but just as you are about to leave, a strange figure tosses a boulder and a pile of logs to seal the entrance, blocking you in. With the help of Pop and Blast, you are able to escape, but upon exiting the cave, you see the Snow Trekker drenched in cocoa, meaning someone messed with it. You notice there is a chocolate trail leading away from the Snow Trekker, and you decide to try and follow it. After following it, you end up at the Mine Shack, before the trail disappears. You ask a nearby penguin if he saw anything, but he was busy underground. You find a pile of snow and chocolate, and use the Mechano-Duster to clear it away until you find a large device. You then head back to the HQ, where you show your findings to Gary. He tells you the device is his Robo-Locator, a device he used to track robots. As he explains more, he begins to regain his memory. He then starts telling you everything he remembered. First, he built some testing robots to test his dangerous inventions. They were programmed to adapt to the environment, however, they became obsessed with overcoming obstacles, and as such, Gary attempted to turn them off, but they always escaped. He then built the Robo-Locator to make tracking them easier. He tried chasing the robots down a dark tunnel, but he bumped into something after falling out of a mine cart, and lost his memory. You then both rush to the Command Room, so you can tell this all to The Director. Gary then says he is working on a device to deactivate the robots, but he needs time to complete. The mission then ends, and you are promoted to Super Duper High Level Clearance.

Spoilers end here.


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