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Super Hero
Founded  ?
Closed  ?
Status Active
Leader None
Headquarters Hero HQ in 2012, Hero Carrier in 2013
Alias(es) None

Super Heroes are penguins who help to save civilians from danger and protect Club Penguin. While some super heroes, like Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal got their powers by other means; some super heroes like The Avengers and the new avengers got them from the Purple Super Hero Meteorite.

Super Heroes are victorious in both Marvel Superhero Takeover wars. They work with the Elite Penguin Force, Club Penguin Fire Department, and Club Penguin Police Department.

Role in Game

Early history

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are the first super heroes in Club Penguin. They are also the first to have a story told about them (Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal).

In May 2012, a purple meteor was seen headed towards Club Penguin Island, eventually it crashed in the Dock where it gave some penguins super powers. Following this, multiple agencies formed like S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers and the Super Villains.


List of Known Super Heroes


  • They are the protectors of Club Penguin Island.
  • Surprisingly, all of the super heroes from the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 and 2013 have fists. However, Nick Fury, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal don't.
  • During the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, someone that chose to be a Super Hero had a yellow ring under their penguin instead of the normal blue ring. This did not happen in 2013.
  • Even though Nick Fury is the leader of The Avengers, Iron Man is shown leading the heroes in some advertisements of the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 and Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, so this leads to him being the leader of all the heroes. However, in the original Avengers comics, and the movie, Captain America is shown to be the leader.
  • Aunt Arctic says that to become a Super Hero, you need super powers, a cool name to conceal your identity, a marvelous costume, and bravery.


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