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Starfish Chain
Starfish Chain icon
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available Yes
Type Body extras Item
Cost Free
ID 154
Internal name StarfishChain

The Starfish Chain is a unique body extras item in Club Penguin Island. Members can obtain this item by completing the "Hatching a Plan" adventure.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Complete "Hatching a Plan" adventure November 18, 2016 Still available


  • Although it cannot be customized, it has an unused Clothing Customizer description, which is "Legendary treasure makes for a great accessory at pirate parties."

Names in other languages

PortugueseCorrente de Estrela-do-MarTesouros lendários sempre caem bem em festas piratas.
FrenchChaîne étoile de merLes trésors légendaires font d'excellents accessoires pour les fêtes de pirates.
SpanishCadena de estrella de marEste tesoro legendario es un complemento genial para las fiestas piratas.

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