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Sport Shop

Where Ski Village
Opened November 3, 2005
Renovated August 31, 2007
Closed May 27, 2010
Mini-Games None
Room ID 210
Tour Description
"Look at all this popcorn! Popcorn can be a healthy snack for athletes. Hmm, it looks like there's some construction going on today..."

The Sport Shop (or Winter Sports) was a store in the Ski Village owned by Gary the Gadget Guy and an orange penguin as an assistant (as shown in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force). The Sport Shop originally opened on November 3, 2005, as an alternative to the Gift Shop, so penguins could buy clothes there instead, if the Gift Shop was too busy. On August 31, 2007, the Sport Shop was remodeled and the Snow and Sports catalog was released. It was the home of the HQ. This area was eventually replaced by the Everyday Phoning Facility in 2010 after the destruction of the shop due to the Popcorn Explosion.


The Sport Shop was a building in the Ski Village. In the Sport Shop, there was a secret entrance to the PSA HQ, which one could access by taking the test. (You must have been at least 30 days old). You had to answer all of the questions, and if you passed, a Spy Phone would be added to your inventory. After this, it was possible to access the HQ using the changing room closest to the door (or teleporting in via your new phone).


  • In the back of the shop, there were stairs that led to Gary's Room. It can only be accessed during Missions.
  • When it first opened, the Sport Shop contained the Penguin Style catalog. It was removed after being remodeled and was replaced with the Snow and Sports catalog.
  • It was the first room in Club Penguin to ever be closed down.
  • The SWF for the Sport Shop was not deleted although it was closed. It's name is also still seen in the Room's JSON file.
  • The secret passage to the HQ from the Sport Shop was added on March 29, 2006.
  • When it was replaced by the Everyday Phoning Facility, the Snow and Sports Catalog was moved to the Stadium.




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