Speed Demons was a comic in Issue #15 of the Club Penguin Magazine. Despite the issue being a puffle special, it was based on a sled race.


A reporter called Ted introduces the race, which takes place at the Highest Mountain. Many penguins gather to watch the 6 fastest sleds compete. The competitors are introduced as Jet Pack Guy in a rocket-propelled jet-sled, Puffle Handler with a puffle-powered steering sleigh, Rookie with a sled made of random objects, Dot with a transformer sled which can change, the X-Treme Penguin (with a new look) in his Extreme Machine and a mystery competitor in a huge green sled.

The commentators, Steve and Dan (who keeps referring to his lost pen), announce the race as the checkered flag is waved. They expect fair play. Immediately, the Extreme Penguin's sled goes out of control, and flies way up into the air, being the first casualty. The mystery sled then takes the lead, followed by PH, Jet Pack Guy and Dot. However, Rookie is still fixing his engine and has not yet started.

Dot then makes her sled transform and it then had stilts which allowed it to go straight over the mystery racer. But, she is too high up and crashes into one of the gates and it is game over for her. Jet Pack Guy's rocket boost gives him the lead, but PH's puffle powered steering makes them neck-in-neck. The finish is just round the corner, but the mystery competitor knocks them out of the way, but the rules never stated that you could not do that, so it looks like the mystery racer will win. He reveals himself to be Herbert P. Bear (and Klutzy) causing everyone to boo. Before winning, the extreme penguin falls out of the sky, and crashes on Herbert, meaning everyone's out. But, before the race ends, in the distance comes Rookie on a blown-up sled. He crosses the line and wins.

Memorable Quotes

  • Eat my snow, penguins! -Herbert
  • Looks like the extreme penguin's living up to his name! -Steve
  • What are you looking for today, Dan? -Steve
    • Probably my pen, I lost it this morning... -Dan
  • And Rookie has it in the bag! -Steve
    • Rookie stole my pen? He has it in a bag? Where?! -Dan