Soda Seas

Where In the game Aqua Grabber, next to the Iceberg
Opened August 6, 2008
Closed Still open
Mini-games N/A (accessible via Aqua Grabber)
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
The Soda Seas is an ocean to the southwest of Club Penguin Island, only accessible via the Aqua Grabber, and only members can access it. It's the second of the two Aqua Grabber levels-the first being Clam Waters. It is an area polluted by many barrels of Cream Soda that fell in, making the water purple and the sea anemones unhealthy. It is the home of the Giant Puffer Fish who guards the valuable Amethyst found in a cave.
Main Treasure in Aqua Grabber

A penguin getting the main treasure, the Amethyst.

To complete the level, penguins must grab soda barrels and put them in the net.

By doing so the anemones will rise up and allow penguins to reach previously inaccessible areas, and finally encountering the level's Guardian, a Puffer Fish, to reach the Amethyst treasure.
Aqua Grabber Rare Treasure

The secret treasure, the Emerald.

After collecting all five barrels players may find a Worm by bumping the top of an air pocket situated west of the center of the sea. Dropping a worm into the net will only yield a single coin. However, they are better used as bait, as players may attempt to catch Fluffy the Fish who roams around the center area of the sea. Fluffies will provide a larger sum of coins than the worm, yielding 200 coins. Alternatively, the player can go to the south-east of the sea and try to catch a Mullet with Fluffy. However, Fluffy will try to swim in the opposite direction of the Aqua Grabber and try to ram the machine against the rocks. Once the Mullet is caught, you can let it go and it will swim off, or you can put it into the net for 1,000 extra coins. After going through the tunnel, players will find two paths, one leads upwards to an air pocket, and the other downwards to a Crab, a bubble blower, and treasure. Alternatively, by exploiting a design flaw, the player could try to squeeze between the mullet and the wall and tumble their way through to the other side.

Each piece of the treasure near the crab is worth twenty coins, and will appear as a coin. The crab will also try and take some treasure so players should try to be quick. Note that gold can be stolen from the claws of the crab. Players can also let the crab get all of the treasure. If the player lets the crab get all of the treasure, the crab will give the player the rare treasure: an Emerald. An Emerald is worth 500 coins. Players can also receive a Stamp if they take all of the crabs treasure, although less coins will be earned.


  • If you drop the Amethyst on a sloped ledge, it can possibly go into the walls.



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