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Cream Soda Dimension

Where The Box Dimension
Opened March 24, 2011.
Closed April 6, 2011.
Mini-Games None
Room ID 855
Tour Description
"They call this the Cream Soda Dimension. If you want to make your way across it... you'll need to do some a-MAZE-ing exploring."
Rockhopper would like to live there!
— Rookie (as a mascot)

The Cream Soda Dimension was a dimension available in the Box Dimension during the April Fools' Party 2011. The goal of this dimension was to reach the small island on the top right-hand corner of the room by entering portals designed to look like barrels.


  • The music is the same as the St. Patrick's Day music.
  • The symbol is a barrel.
  • It did come back in 2012.
  • The way to get to the start again is easy,all you have to do is go in the same one you got out from.



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