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Not to be confused with Snowball Fight.
Snowball Battle
Snowball Battle Sneak Peak

A sneak peek of Snowball Battle.
Players 1-4
Controls see below
Minigame location Snow Forts? (Club Penguin: Game Day!)
Date released Sept. 17, 2010 - Australia, New Zealand
Sept. 21, 2010 - North America, Latin America
Sept. 24, 2010 - UK

Snowball Battle is a game only playable in Club Penguin: Game Day!.


Action Result
Shake Control Throw Snowball
Press Arrows Move
Hold B Make more snowballs (max.5)
Hold A&B Make one huge snowball


In the game you will have to make and throw snowballs at other teams in order to win. You can use multiple things in order to win including snow walls (as shields) or a white puffle (power-up) what gives you unlimited snowballs.


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