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A snowball.

In Club Penguin, players have the ability to throw snowballs. This is done first clicking the snowball icon in the toolbar (or by pressing the T key), aiming at the target and then clicking it with the left mouse button.


Snowballs are often used in snowball fights, or when a penguin is annoyed or mad at someone. Another possible usage is to "point" or show other penguins where an object is, such as a pin.
Snowballs are also used to operate certain devices, such as the Island Lifter 3000, the Snowball Power Generator and the watering system which used to be at the Mine Shack. Some of these devices have a main usage in parties, such as the machine at the Cliff, which was used to proceed in the quest of the Wilderness Expedition.

Snowball types

In several rooms or during certain parties, snowballs turn into different items (such as food, bubbles, water balloons, paint balloons, trash, etc.). During Marvel Super Hero Takeovers, snowballs thrown while wearing Super Gloves were given special properties, such as freezing certain targets.
In addition, snowballs thrown by Herbert and Sasquatch have a unique sprite. While Herbert hits a penguin with a snowball, the player would be buried in a pile of snow.



Club Penguin App

Players who have the Club Penguin App can throw snowballs at their online friends- which is displayed as a big snowball on the screen. When clicking the snowball, a message pops up and asks if the friend wants to throw back a snowball.


  • There was a bug in the Mine Shack, when you threw a snowball it would be round at the tracks. This bug was later fixed.


  • The maximum amount of snowballs in a room is 10. If another snowball is thrown, the earliest one will be removed.
  • Snowballs can be used to rotate the target at the Clock Tower.
  • When Rockhopper throws a Snowball, Yarr pulls out a mini-telescope and looks after it.
  • Bouncer, the Elite Puffle, is specially trained to throw snowballs.
  • Third-party cheating programs allow penguins to throw snowballs off-screen.
  • The F.I.S.H. says not to report penguins for throwing snowballs at you.
  • There is a server named 'Snowball'.
  • The icon of the snowball changed on April 17, 2014, as part of the toolbar update that took place during the Puffle Party 2014.
  • If a penguin is in a certain position on a chair or an item, when hit by a snowball, they will go through it.
  • If you hold T and you rapidly click, you can throw snowballs extremely fast, though this is only client side.


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