Snow and Sports
Snow and Sports November 2016

The last issue of the Snow and Sports
Date released August 31, 2007
Available? Still available
Update frequency Every 2-3 months (2007-2010),
Seasonally (2010-present)
Items sold Clothing, Furniture
Where found Stadium/Ice Rink & Skatepark

Snow and Sports is the name of the sports catalog in Club Penguin. It was found in the Sport Shop before May 27, 2010, but has been moved to the Stadium due to the Sport Shop's destruction during the Popcorn Explosion. The first edition was made on August 31, 2007, exactly the same day the Sport Shop was renovated.


  • The Nov-Mar 2009 and Dec 2010 editions have the same cover, as do the June 2012 and March 2013 editions, and December 2013 and December 2014 editions.
  • When the Stadium turned back into the Ice Rink in December 2010, the penguins in the Snow and Sports catalog were based on their design before Disney purchased Club Penguin.
  • When the Sport Shop was destroyed due to the Popcorn Explosion, the snow and sports was moved to the Ice Rink/Stadium.
  • It used to be located in the Sport Shop.
  • The surfboards and wakeboards were moved to the Game Upgrades catalogs in March 2009.
  • In March 2013, this catalog came back with the old penguin look. It was not updated to have the new design.
  • During the Halloween Party 2013, the Sports Catalog was not available do to the fact that there was no Ice Rink or Stadium.
  • The December 2007 catalog was the first to have no backgrounds.

Release History


Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchNiege et Sports
SpanishDeportes y nieve
GermanSchnee and Sport
RussianСнег и спорт

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