Snow Gem
Amulet Snow Gem

The Snow Gem in the Amulet
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Gem
Party Card Jitsu Snow Party
Where? Snow Dojo
Were you looking for Snow Gem Pin?

The Snow Gem is the third gem for the Amulet. To receive this, you must battle many Snowmen in Card-Jitsu Snow. After winning lots of matches, Sensei will award you with it, and you can take on Tusk in battle. After defeating Tusk, you will be considered a true Snow Ninja.

How to Obtain

To get the snow gem you must have unlocked all 9 clips of the Card-Jitsu Saga; then earn it in your progress. Then Sensei will give it to you.


  • This is the only Amulet gem that has a matching pin to go along with it.


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