Snow Cone Pin
Snow Cone Pin
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Available No
Type Pin
Member item No
Party The Fair 2011
Cost Free
Where found Coffee Shop
Item ID 7083
Unlockable No

The Snow Cone was a rare pin in Club Penguin. It was available at the Coffee Shop during The Fair 2011 by throwing snowballs into a snow cone machine, and all players could obtain it.


Available from Available until
September 22, 2011 October 6, 2011



During The Fair, after throwing 5 snowballs into the funnel, the snowball pile was sucked into the machine, and passed to its main hull from the left. Then green food coloring from the container at the top of the device was added to the snowball, giving it a bright mint color. After the food coloring container was refilled, the snow would be sucked into a tube on the right of the interior into a purple box on the machine's right, where a sliding door in the box was opened towards the top. A mechanical arm appeared and revealed the pin. It then returned to the machine, leaving the pin behind to pick up, and then the door was shut.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseCone Gelado
FrenchLe Pinz Glace
SpanishPin de cono de nieve
RussianСнежное мороженое

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