Snow Cannon 3000
Snow cannon 3000
Invented by Gary
Located Crow's Nest, Migrator
Not to be confused with the Snowball Cannon from Puffle Rescue.

The Snow Cannon 3000 is a cannon located on the Crow's Nest on the Migrator. It is next to a barrel labeled "Powder" and a stack of large snowballs. To use the cannon, go to the Crow's Nest and hover your mouse over it. It was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy he said in The Penguin Times that they decided the Snow Cannon 3000 would be the best way to avoid any collisions with icebergs.



  • According to issue 142 of the, The Penguin Times, Yarr cured Rockhopper's hiccups by making him jump - sounding the Snow Cannon 3000.
  • At the 3rd Anniversary Party, it was called the Cake Cannon 3000.


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