Snake Tokens are small device chips, spread throughout the island by Gary the Gadget Guy that you can optionally find in the video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, during PSA Missions. After you obtain all six snake tokens, you can play a game in your EPF Spy Phone, similar to the classic video game Snake.

Locations of Snake Tokens

Mission Location Requirement to obtain
Secret of the Fur Snow Forts Using Gary's infrared goggles, uncover a hidden jackhammer with Pop. After playing the Jackhammer game, you will receive the Snake Token.
Questions for a Crab Wilderness After following Klutzy into the wilderness, head to the river near the cave. Catch a Fluffy the Fish with Loop, and you will receive the Snake Token.
Mysterious Tremors Underground Tunnels After lifting up the Gift Shop with either a balloon or cream soda, you come across the Earthquake Driller. Have Chirp shatter the glass on the door of the machine, allowing you to grab a Snake Token.
Spy & Seek Mine Shack To obtain this Snake Token, you must have Pop lift an anvil at the Mine Shack, uncovering a Snake Token.
Waddle Squad Gift Shop Speak to the Gift Shop Manager, and set up a stand in the Town for him. After doing so, fix the vault door by having Flare weld the hinge, and then using your wrench on the wheel. You can then collect the Snake Token inside the vault.
Veggie Villain Corn Field After navigating the maze of the corn, and arrive at the ladder leading to Herbert, go to the left, through a secret passage in the corn, where you arrive at a stream. Have Chill make a path of ice over the stream, allowing you to obtain the Snake Token.



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