Full Name Smulley
Species Penguin
Position Unknown
Appeared The Spice of Life,
A Penguin Christmas Carol (mentioned)
Color Orange
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Bambadee,
Meetable Character? No
For the Club Penguin staff member, see this page.
Smulley is a young and mischievous orange penguin found as a main character in the book "The Spice Of Life", and briefly mentioned in "A Penguin Christmas Carol". Smulley is a fun loving penguin who isn't very mature like one of his friends. He believes that you can tip the Iceberg, and if you go through the whole game Jet Pack Adventure without collecting a single coin, you will get 1,000 coins at the end which is true. The Jet Pack Adventure myth has been proven true, but the Iceberg-tipping myth is false (has now been proven true in February 2017).

What Smulley would look like in-game.


  • It's rather easy to imitate him, considering the only thing needed to accomplish it is to wear the color orange which you can buy for 20 coins. The color orange can also be obtained for free when creating a penguin and choosing orange as your penguin color.
  • Smulley is friends with Bambadee, Scrooge, and Suneroo.
  • There is a moderator called Smulley as well.
    • Considering that both the moderator and the character share the same name and are orange, it is quite possible that the character Smulley is based on the staff member of the same name.

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