Penguin saying LOL

A penguin saying 'LOL', a commonly-used slang term.

Slang (short for shortened language) is the common term for the vocabulary usually found on the internet or text messages from one person to another in order to abbreviate (or shorten) words. It has an abbreviate style, shortening phrases to acronyms or words to abbreviations. The abbreviations usually shorten the word so it can still be said and understood, while also being easy to read. Internet slang differs from real life, regional slang, although real life slang can also be seen in the game chat. Cadence is known to be an avid user of slang.

Below is a list of common slang acronyms and abbreviations said by many people on Club Penguin Island.

Common acronyms/abbreviations

The acronyms/abbreviations listed below are clean and safe to use. Foul language in Club Penguin is censored, so profane acronyms will result in a ban.

Slang WordDefinitionExample
CPClub Penguin cp rocks!!!!
Old CPRefers to Club Penguin before it was bought by Disney, before The Journey, or to the classic Club Penguin overallDo u miss old CP?
iggy/igiIglooParty at my iggy/igi!
mumuPenguin Mom/Mum (Usually used by Pookies)Wants Mumu!
pookiePlayers that act like "babies" and find good "mumus" - also used as a term of endearmentPOOKIE CONTEST AT MY IGGY!!!
dudu/dada/duh duhPenguin Dad (Usually used by Pookies) Can we go to the park Dudu?
bwoderPenguin Brother (Usually used by Pookies) I have a bwoder who's older than me.
uppieDog (Usually used by Pookies)I found an uppie at the forest!
lolLaugh out loud Lol Nice joke!
RHA shortened way to say RockhopperWhere is RH?
PHA shortened way to say Puffle HandlerWhere is PH?
AAA shortened way to say Aunt ArcticWhere is AA?
PBA shortened way to say Penguin BandWhere is the PB?
GA shortened way to say GaryWhere is G?
JPGA shortened way to say Jet Pack GuyJPG is the best agent!
EPFA shortened way to say Elite Penguin ForceAre you part of the EPF?
BrbBe right backWait Brb!
XDReally big smile/laughingOMG XD!
CuzBecauseI cant attend cuz its scary!
GtgGot to goI gtg bye!
Srry/srySorrysrry/sry for not coming.
plz/plsPleasePlz leave a like!
PplPeoplehey ppl!
IdkI don't knowidk what?
IdcI don't careidc what im doing!
IkI knowYou don't know but ik.
npNo problemSure, np.
thx/tyThanks/Thank youThx so much!
NvmNever mindNvm that problem.
IkrI know, right?Ikr weird!
WelpWell and help (alternatively a Pookie's term as saying help)Welp I will be offline.
AfkAway from keyboardHe/She is afk.
K/KK/okOkayKK i'll go now.
JkJust kiddingJk im going.
Bak/Bck/BkBackBck again!
WbWelcome backWb man!
BtwBy the wayBtw I enjoy reading
Ftw For the win Gary FTW!
BgBackgroundWhere did you get that bg from?
OmgOh my God/Oh my gosh/Oh my goodnessOmg cool!
ASAPAs soon as possibleI'll be back ASAP!
BiggyBig sister or brother (usually used by Pookies)Free biggy!
Wista/swistaSister (usually used by Pookies)Where did wista go?
hwiPookie's way of saying hihwi, how are you
kittyPookie's way of saying catI want a kitty
selfie (#selfie)Common term used to say a 'photo of oneself'Shall we take a selfie?
CrayCrazy (usually used by Cadence)U guys are CRAY talented.
TotesTotally (usually used by Cadence)That was totes the loudest party we've ever had.
LuvLove (usually used by Cadence)I luv to hear you sing!

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