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Ski Lift 1000
Ski Lift 1000
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Damaged by Unknown
Located Ski Hill in Gary's Failed Designs

The Ski Lift 1000 was one of Gary's failed inventions. It had spun left and right and had been knocked down by almost all penguins who rode it. It was never introduced to the Club Penguin online game though.


  • It only appeared once in a comic named "Gary's Failed Designs".
  • It seems to have no difference from the Ski Lift in Club Penguin, except for the fact that the Ski Lift 1000 is much faster and much more dangerous.
  • Many penguins think it is the prototype of the Ski Lift due to the similarities in its design.
  • The Ski Lift 1000, along with all of the other prototypes, have '1000' after it is name, just like the finished products have '3000'.
  • Gary might have simply miscalculated the speed and trajectory of the Ski Lift 1000, which he must have corrected for the modern Ski Lift.
  • It is one of Gary's failed designs and was seen alongside the others in a comic strip.

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