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The Ski Lift with an Orange Puffle on it at the Puffle Party 2010
Dalek ManiaAdded by Dalek Mania

The Ski Lift is the way connecting the Mountain and the Ski Village. It is hardly ever decorated during parties, but has been the site of some important events in Club Penguin's history.

A prototype of the current Ski Lift was the Ski Lift 1000 designed by Gary. It appears to have been very similar to the current Ski Lift, except for the fact that it was much faster and more dangerous. It should be noted that penguins don't actually sit on the Ski Lift, it is more for setting the scene of a mini ski resort. Considering the fact that there is a Lodge at the bottom, and sledding or "tubing" on the top.



  • The Ski Lift was updated with the rest of the Ski Village, and some other rooms during The Journey on December 6, 2012.

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