The Shredder
Is it seen right now? The Penguin Times issue 238[1]
Type Shredder
Party None
Where? Unknown

The Shredder is a machine that is used to 'shred' paper into pieces for easy disposal. It was used in the Club Penguin Times by Herbert P. Bear, to 'shred' a message by him upon reading.

The Message

The message was included in issue 238 of the Club Penguin Times (on May 6, 2010). Some of the letters from the message were replaced with countries' flags, where the first letter of the countrie's name represents the replaced letter. The message was a hint to the destruction of the PSA and upcoming PSA mission, The Veggie Villain, and said:

Dear Penguin
Silly Agency,
Look sharp agent...
I'll see you on May 18.
-Herbert P Bear

Where the replaced letters where:

# Letter Flag Image
3 A Argentina Argentina flag
11 B Brazil Brazil flag
9 C Canada Flagamb
1 D Denmark Denmark Flag
2 E Egypt Egypt Flag
10 H Hungary Hungary flag clothing icon ID 531
7 I Israel Israel Flag
6 N Norway Norway Flag
5 P Poland flag Poland flag
4 R Russia flag Russia flag
8 S Switzerland Switzerland flag
11 T Turkey Turkey flag




  1. Club Penguin Times issue #238

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