Shops, also known as markets, are places in Club Penguin Island that sell items, usually party supplies. All items in all shops can only be bought by members.

List of shops

Name Location Types of items sold
Welcome Shop Beacon Boardwalk Party supplies
Disney Shop Beacon Boardwalk and Island Central Clothing, blueprints, fabrics, decals, party supplies, gear, tubes, igloo items
Foodtrekker Beacon Boardwalk Party supplies
SS Convenience Coconut Cove Party supplies
Deep Sea Shop The Sea Caves Party supplies
Snowmelt Shop Mt. Blizzard Party supplies
Igloos & Interiors Island Central Igloo items
Vending Machine Igloos Party supplies
Halloween shop Island Central (only during Halloween 2017) Party supplies
Holiday Shop Island Central (only during the Holiday Party 2017) Party supplies, igloo items
Migration shop Island Central (only during the Rainbow Celebration) Party supplies, igloo items


As of the 1.9.0 update, shops can have limited periods of time where some items are sold at a discounted price, rounded down. These sales are announced on Island Live on the CPI Phone.


This sale occurred from January 26, 2018 to January 28, 2018. All food and drink party supplies were sold at a 50% discount.
Supplies Cake Slice icon
Supplies Birthday Cake icon
Supplies Pizza Slice icon
Supplies Large Pizza icon
Supplies Stinky Cheese icon
Supplies Cheese Wheel icon
Cake Slice
5 coins
Birthday Cake
12 coins
Pizza Slice
5 coins
Large Pizza
12 coins
Stinky Cheese
5 coins
Cheese Wheel
12 coins
Supplies Squid Stick icon
Supplies Squid Stick Tray icon
Supplies Fishdog icon
Supplies Fishdog Tray icon
Supplies Franky's Flaming Slice icon
Supplies Franky's Flaming Pizza icon
Squid Stick
5 coins
Squid Stick Tray
12 coins
5 coins
Fishdog Tray
12 coins
Franky's Flaming Slice
5 coins
Franky's Flaming Pizza
12 coins
Supplies Seaweed Smoothie icon
Supplies Smoothie Tray icon
Supplies Hot Cocoa icon
Supplies Cocoa Tray icon
Supplies Rainbow Smoothie icon
Supplies Rainbow Smoothie Tray icon
Seaweed Smoothie
5 coins
Smoothie Tray
12 coins
Hot Cocoa
5 coins
Cocoa Tray
12 coins
Rainbow Smoothie
5 coins
Rainbow Smoothie Tray
12 coins
Supplies Pizza Planet Box icon
Supplies Pawpsicle icon
Pizza Planet Box
12 coins
7 coins

Party Games

This sale occurred from February 9, 2018 to February 14, 2018. Party Games were sold at a 25% discount.
Supplies Marble Hunt icon
Supplies Ink or Swim icon
Supplies Fossil Four icon
Marble Hunt
22 coins
Ink or Swim
30 coins
Fossil Four
22 coins


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