Penguin Cup 2014 Shootouts Icon
Players 2
Controls Space Bar/Mouse
Minigame location Everywhere
Date released June 19, 2014
Date closed July 1, 2014

Shootouts was a party minigame during the Penguin Cup. The game was played by two players, and one could invite someone else to the game by dancing with the Penguin Cup Ball, which was received through the game interface. A soccer ball icon then appeared above the inviting player, and a game started as soon as someone else clicked it.


The objective of the game was to score as many points as possible. The game was played in two sections of the screen: the player on the left, and the opponent on the right. Each player was given an individual goal, and had 40 seconds to earn as many points as he or she could.

Earning points was done in the following way: a path appeared on the screen with a target at some point of it. A white circle appeared on one of the path's tips and started moving along the path. Once it covered some of the target, by pressing the space bar or click using your mouse, the player kicked the ball into the net; then another path would appear, for scoring more points. If the key was pressed while the circle did not cover the target, the player would miss. If the circle reached the end of the path, it reversed its direction.

Each goal would give the player another point. While there were no winners in the game, the points earned went to the player's team global points, and were also featured on their Player Card, allowing them to earn items as they progressed and more points.

Also, the maximum amount of possible points increased as players upgraded their power shoes.

Item Image Item Name Maximum Points
No power shoes N/A 9
Clothing Items 6222
Water Power Shoes 10
Clothing Items 6223
Fire Power Shoes 11
Clothing Items 6224
Wind Power Shoes 13
Clothing Items 6225
Lightning Power Shoes 17


Through the progression of the game, the following items could be earned:

Points Item Member? Image
10 Penguin Cup VIP Pass No
Clothing Items 3208
Penguin Cup Hoodie Yes
Clothing Icons 24138
30 Penguin Cup 2014 Pin No
Clothing Icons 7197
Water Power Shoes Yes
Clothing Items 6222
60 The Fan Fro No
Clothing Items 1876
Victory Splash Jug Yes
Victory Splash Jug
90 Penguin Cup Foam Finger No
Clothing Items 5446
Fire Power Shoes Yes
Clothing Items 6223
120 Go Team Background No
Clothing Items 9267
Referee Uniform Yes
150 Penguin Cup Hat No
Clothing Items 1877
Wind Power Shoes Yes
Clothing Items 6224
180 The Golden Soccer Ball No
Clothing Items 5445
Unbeatable Keeper Costume Yes
Clothing Items 3209
210 Penguin Cup Flag No
Clothing Items 5451
Lightning Power Shoes Yes
Clothing Items 6225


  • When a player used the Wind Power Shoes in the game, they would become a tornado similar to that of the Purple Puffle's dance.


  • Sometimes if you lost a match, your penguin's color would change to red, even if you were using a different color.