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Shipwreck Island
Rockhopper's Quest Shipwreck Island

Where At sea
Opened February 24, 2012
Closed March 7, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 856
Tour Description
Yo ho ho! We MADE it! Welcome to the mysterious Shipwreck Island. Our journey is almost finished... just build the beacon and we're done! I wonder what's in that cave over there...

Shipwreck Island is an island far from Club Penguin Island which was explored by Captain Rockhopper and penguins during Rockhopper's Quest.


  • The Hall Of The Viking Lords is located on this island.
  • The red light of the beacon can be seen in the telescope at the Beacon.
  • Every few seconds, thunder can be heard, and a flash of lightning will reveal a distant island.

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