Sher Locke
Sher Locke Avatar

Full Name Unknown
Born Unknown
Position Moderator
Joined the team Unknown
Left the team Still employed
Penguin Name Sher Locke

Sher Locke is a German moderator. Her first official appearance was on a German Mod Monday meeting with L Amalthea.[1]


  • Sher Locke has 14 stamps.
  • She has an Orange Tabby Cat.
  • She is one of the known Club Penguin Staff members of the German language of Club Penguin. Others include Federflink1, Koa Koralle, Skabee and L Amalthea.
  • Sher Locke and L Amalthea are the first presented German moderators in the German Blog.
  • Her name is a pun on Sherlock, a fictional detective.
    • They both wear Tweed Coats.


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