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Full Name Shellbeard
Species Turtle
Position Pirate
Appeared Stowaway! Adventures at Sea
Color Pale green
Clothes Items Torn red shirt, fake beard, Eyepatch
Related To Unknown
Friends With Rockhopper (formerly)
Meetable Character? No

Shellbeard is an evil pirate turtle who only appears in the real life Pick Your Path Book, Stowaway! Adventures at Sea. He ends up being nice at first, but later tricks you and Rockhopper, and steals a secret map.

You first come across him on an island, where he is stranded. You and Rockhopper take him aboard the Migrator. If you choose to receive help from Yarr to leave adjust the sails before leaving the island, you will take him back to his home island. He then enters you in a game show, where you can win various prizes depending on your choice.

If you choose to not receive help with the sails, Rockhopper adjusts them for you, and tells you to give Shellbeard a tour of the ship. However, he reveals that he pretended to be lost so he could steal one of Rockhopper's maps.

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