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Server Testing 2005

Members only? No
When December 5, 2005- February 13, 2006 [1]
Free Item(s) Black Toque,
Pink Toque,
Blue Sunglasses,
Red Sunglasses,
Black Bowtie
Location  ?
Mascot(s) None

Server Testing 2005 was a small event where players could test brand new servers for Club Penguin. All players had to do was log on and click around to help look for bugs. During the testing, items were hidden in the test servers as a gift for everyone who helped test the new servers.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only? Release date
Black Toque
Black Toque Ice Rink No December 5, 2005
Pink Toque
Pink Toque Dock No December 5, 2005
Blue Sunglasses clothing icon ID 107 2
Blue Sunglasses Mountain No December 8, 2005
Black Bowtie Dance Lounge No January 16, 2006
Red Sunglasses
Red Sunglasses Ski Village No January 23, 2006



Free items

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