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Server Jumping is an upcoming feature (replaced for Jump to friend) that will allow you to switch from server to server without having to log off and log back on. Using a new Box Dimension portal item, you can switch servers in-game. Happy77 gave a preview in a YouTube video and in the What's New Blog. In 2013, Spike Hike announced that the concept of Server Jumping would be different from the one of the previews from the past years, as CPNext would start to be used in the island, thus making servers work in a different way than the way they do now.

Thus, the Server Jumping features as the "Go to room" button will be added in the friend's player cards in Jump to Friend, the CPNext version of this long-waited update. As the Club Penguin app already has this technology, the Server Jumping feature is, in a way, present in the lives of Club Penguin players, but not completely.

The game Club Penguin Island has implemented the "Jump to Friend" feature as well.


  • The box used to server jump is the Portal Box as seen in the Box Dimension.
  • Some moderators use Server Jumping.
  • Hackers that were detected using server jumping were banned for 72 hours or forever.
  • In the Club Penguin app and Club Penguin Island, there is a similar feature known as "Jump to Friend".
  • Server Jumping hasn't been released yet, and as it has been worked on for over three years, it is unknown when, or if, it will be released.
  • A video about server jumping was reposted on the What's New Blog.
  • As Club Penguin is due to shut down soon, it is likely that Server Jumping will never be released.



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