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Sensei's Beard

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Sensei's Beard
Sensei's Beard and Eyebrows
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Face Item
Member item Unknown
Party None
Cost Unknown
Where found N/A
Item ID 2009 (traditional)
2015 (Fire Suit Beard)
Unlockable No

Sensei's Beard is a face item in Club Penguin. It is worn by Sensei.


  • Sensei is never seen without this.
  • A similar item is the Santa Beard.
  • You can wear a similar item in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Mission 10.
  • This item includes a beard as well as eyebrows.
  • If you wave or dance with this item, it will disappear.
  • This item is not listed in Club Penguin's JSON files, but it does have .swf files.



ID 2009

ID 2015

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