The Water Hunt was a scavenger hunt that was in Club Penguin. There were eight items for penguins to find, it was very similar to the fire hunt in 2009 during the release of the game, Card-Jitsu Fire. It started on November 16, 2010, and ended on November 24th. It is also part of the Celebration of Water. It was organized by Sensei.

Water Hunt items

Clue 1: The hunt is on, so scour the land, Begin your search at the food stand.
Answer: Stadium (At the food stand by the plate of pizza.)

Clue 2: Next find a shop where you might snack, Look closely to a java sack.
Answer: Coffee Shop (On the Coffee Shop Table.)

Clue 3: If the next clue is what you wish, Look for a bowl with a golden fish.
Answer: Pet Shop (By the puffle houses click on the fish bowl.)

Clue 4: Now search for this on friendly turf, It's inside a place you go to surf.
Answer: Cove (In the surf shack sitting on the table by the jetpacks.)

Clue 5: To find this one go take a look, In a place you go to read a book.
Answer: Book Room (On the table by the lamp.)

Clue 6: To find this glass, here's some advice. Search the place that has Thin Ice.
Answer: Dance Lounge (The first table.)

Water Tank Background on a Player Card

The prize: Water Tank Background.

Clue 7: Don't let this one give you the slip, Look near a place you'd land a ship.
Answer: Beach (Right in front of the beach chairs.)

Clue 8: For the final one you must prepare, To find a fish that's in the air.
Answer: Dojo Courtyard (The first fish on the roof of the dojo to the left.)

PRIZE: Water Tank Background.



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