Sector 1
Operation Blackout Sector 1

Where Herbert's Fortress
Opened November 14, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games Icejam
Room ID 853
Tour Description
This is Sector 1. There are two Security Terminals hidden here... but you'll need the right equipment to find them. Contact the Director for orders. Long live the resistance!

The Sector 1 is a party room on Club Penguin during Operation: Blackout. It contains the first 2 Security Terminals in order to enter the Central Command Room through the Lock Down. It is part of Herbert's Fortress.

Agents need to wear a Herbert Disguise or Klutzy Disguise, in order to access the first terminal; then use a Grappling Hook to open the door to access the second terminal.


  • Due to a glitch, some penguins were able to access the second part of Herbert's Fortress (Sector 2) before they were supposed to.


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