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Secret Laboratory
Secret Labratory from

Where Book Room (2008)
Mine Shack (2009)
Haunted House Entrance (2011)
Opened October 28, 2008
October 27, 2009
October 20, 2011
Closed November 2, 2008
November 1, 2009
November 3, 2011
Mini-Games None
Room ID 856
Tour Description
This is where The Living Sled came to life, a Rad Scientist brought the monster to life! Wait what are you Penguin's doing messing around? DONT HIT THAT BUTTON

The Secret Laboratory (commonly known as the Secret Lab) was a members-only party room that was available for the Halloween Party 2008, 2009 and 2011. You had to own the Rad Scientist Costume to enter this room, which was available in the Penguin Style catalog at that time.

You could meet Gary here and get a free, autographed background from him if you found him as he went on random servers. He would also say "Let's go to the Haunted House!". Penguins would follow him into the Haunted House. These are the only two rooms that Gary was found in. There was also a free item there in the form of a lantern. This lab also featured the Monster Maker 3000, yet another one of Gary's inventions. It doubled as the location where the Living Sled was created.

The Lab (what was in black and white), was created by Gary the Gadget Guy. The room had a cell window, Monster Maker 3000, Test Tubes, Blueprints and a Boiler. It could be accessed through the Book Room. You had to click the candle. It was also known as: Gary's Secret Lab, The Party, and The Scientist Lab. The lab returned for the Halloween Party 2009, except it was accessed from the Mine instead. One simply clicked on the lamp in the Mine and an entrance revealed itself. In the Halloween Party 2010, The Secret Lab was not here for the party and was replaced by the monster room. However, recently a user has contacted Club Penguin, and Club Penguin said that Gary may use his lab again in the future.



  • Everything, except the Penguins, chat bar, etc. were black and white, and there were flickers that made it look like it is out of an old movie.
  • This was the place where the mad scientist created the living sled. The Monster Maker 3000 other known as the Monster Maker Catalog is very similar to the machine that made the sled. There's also a sled in the corner of the room and blueprints of sleds on the walls.
  • During the Halloween Party 2011, all penguins could access it.
  • It has a similar room layout to the Coffee Shop and Dance Club.
  • It is unknown why they have stopped bringing back the Secret Lab.



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