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You Found A Secret Logo

The logo.


One of the secret items in May 2008.


One of the secret items in June 2008.

Secret items new

Since April 2012's Penguin Style catalog, if you find secret items, a message like this one will pop up.

Secret Items require a click on any catalog. They are sometimes hard to find, but sometimes very easy. The Red and Blue Viking Helmets are hidden in every catalog. In April 2012 Club Penguin made it easier to find secret items by making the area sparkle and make a "Ding" sound if you roll your mouse over the correct spot and click on it. Before then, you had to roll over the secret place, and the only way to find it was to watch for your mouse icon to change.

Secret Clothing (Penguin Style)

Main article: List of Secret Items in the Penguin Style

Secret Furniture (Furniture Catalog)

Main article: List of Secret Items in the Furniture Catalog

An article in the Club Penguin Times about secrets

Penguin style secrets

Another article in the Club Penguin Times about secrets

Secret Furniture (Love your Pet)

Secret Clothing/Furniture (Snow and Sports)

June 2008

August 2008

November 2008

  • Furniture section of the Snow and Sports catalog: the "N" on The word "furniture" --> Pommel Horse.

January 2009

March 2009

May 2009

November 2009

February 2010

May 2010

September 2010

Secret Clothing (Cove Catalog)

Secret clothing (Costume Trunk)

Ruby and The Ruby

Fairy Fables

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Team Blue vs. Team Red

Penguin Play Awards

The Haunting of the Viking Opera

Secret Furniture (Pirate Catalog)

February–March 2009

Secret clothing (The FISH)

Secret Igloos (Igloo Upgrades)

Secret Clothing (Martial Artworks)

Secret Wigs (Big Wigs)

Secret Puffles/Puffle Items (Adopt A Puffle)

Secret Items in Special Catalogs

Music Jam 2008 catalog

Music Jam 2009 catalog

Viking Helmets

Viking helmets are secret items that always appear in Penguin Style. The Red and Blue Viking Helmets are still available in the catalog, but the Gold Viking Helmet no longer appears hidden in Penguin Style mostly likely due to it now being available in Club Penguin: Game Day! The Pink Viking Helmet was only available once in Rockhopper's Rare Items. The Gold Viking Helmet is now available in the Penguin Style catalog.

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