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Second Laser Room
Great Snow Race Laser Maze 2

Where Toughest Mountain
Opened August 25, 2011
Closed August 31, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 858
Tour Description
The maze continues. Hurry, let's secure the key.

The Second Laser Maze was a party room in Club Penguin. It was added for the Great Snow Race. There are infrared lasers scattered around the room, and one's penguin will need to wear an Infrared Tracker to see the lasers. If a laser touches one's penguin, they will be sent back to the First Laser Maze. In order to bypass the laser security system, one's penguin must walk past them while they are momentarily turned off. Players could get the Expedition Key Pin here, which would unlock Herbert's den. They could also get here via the ladder from the First Laser Maze.

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