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Scorn Battle
Scorn Battle

Scorn rising through the clouds.
Players 1
Controls Mouse/cursor.
Minigame location Mountain of Misery
Date released May 17, 2012

The Scorn Battle took place during Medieval Party 2012. It was accessible after completing 3 challenges: Finding the Fairy Branch, Spheres of Starlight, and the Cursed Stones. It usually gave you over 150 coins to 200 coins, considering how well you played in terms of evasiveness of Scorn's attacks. The main theme is battling Scorn the Dragon King by using the Slingshot and shooting floating orbs. The path to the Sky Kingdom is open at the end.

You can repeat it as many times as you want but you get the same item. It is possible to get over 200 coins in the battle. Hitting multiple spheres of starlight at once makes beating scorn easier. The ranks of multiple hits are: Good shot! (2) Heroic! (3) Epic! (4).


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