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Easter Egg Hunt 2006

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2006

Prize: Pink Bunny Ears

Instrument Hunt

Main article: Instrument Hunt

Prize: Band Background

Lightbulb Hunt

Main article: Lightbulb Hunt

Prize: Lighthouse Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Prize: Blue Bunny Ears

Halloween Candy Hunt 2007

Prize: Halloween Scarf

Easter Egg Hunt 2008

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2008

Prize: Green Bunny Ears

Paper Boat Hunt 2008

Main article: Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt (2008)

Prize: Blueprints Background

Halloween Candy Hunt 2008

Prize: Giant Pumpkin Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2009

Prize: Pink Bunny Ears

Adventure Hunt 2009

Main article: Adventure Hunt
  • Item 1: Grey Fish in the Cave
  • Item 2: Long, Tall Plant in the Cove
  • Item 3: Turtle at the Dock
  • Item 4: Flowers at the Snow Forts
  • Item 5: Whale at the Iceberg
  • Item 6: Exotic Flowers at the Plaza
  • Item 7: Jellyfish at the Beach
  • Item 8: Large Plant at the Forest

Prize: Adventure Party Background

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt 2009

Main article: Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt

Prize: Fire Pin

Halloween Candy Hunt 2009

Prize: Jack O’ Lanterns Background

Recycle Hunt 2010

Main article: Recycle Hunt

Prize: Recycle Pin

Paper Boat Hunt 2010

Main article: Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt (2010)

Prize: Treasure Cove Background

Halloween Candy Hunt 2010

Prize: Candy Forest Path Background

Water Hunt 2010

Main article: Sensei's Water Scavenger Hunt

Prize: Water Tank Background

April Fools' 2011

Main article: Silly Scavenger Hunt

Prize: Box Costume

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Prize: Safari Park Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Main article: Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Prize: Yellow Bunny Ears

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