Scare Points are points you could have earned during the Monsters University Takeover by 'scaring' other penguins. If you earn a certain amount of scare points, you could buy items from the Monsters University Catalog.

Earning Points

The easiest way to earn scare points was to play in the Scare Games located at the Amphitheater. The main object of the minigame was to dodge the toys in the room by jumping over them, or moving under them by using the space bar and arrow keys. After you dodge the toys, you need to stand on the button at the edge of the bed and press the space bar while the red light is in the green zone. Afterwards, you could see how much scare points you've earned for your fraternity or sorority.

Scare Points could also be earned by "scaring" other penguins around the island, by wearing one of the four fraternity shirts and pressing the dance button (D), and it was considered the easiest way to earn these points.