Santa's Sled
Holiday Party 2015 Santa's Sled

Where On the Night Club Rooftop
On the Ski Lodge
Opened Holiday Party 2009, Holiday Party 2010, Holiday Party 2011, Holiday Party 2012, 10th Anniversary Party, Holiday Party 2015, Holiday Party 2016
Closed Varies
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
863 (2016)
Tour Description
Ho ho ho! Here we are on Santa's Sled! Let's use these controls... to help fly the sleigh. We can deliver presents by pressing the button. Once we finish delivering... we can pick up a special gift!
Not to be confused with Santa's Sleigh, a clothing item.

Santa's Sled was a party room in Club Penguin, which served as a way to deliver presents. The sled would be parked on top of the Night Club, and would start flying after a few seconds. Players could then drop presents by clicking on a red button. If 15 presents were delivered successfully, a prize would be received, depending on the year. Before 2012, the ride was members-only.


Year Image Item
Santa Suit clothing icon ID 4126
Santa Suit
Santa's Present Bag
Clothing Icons 4469
Cranberry Decoration
Gold Decoration
Gold Decoration
Evergreen Decoration icon
Evergreen Decoration
Blue Lightbulb
Blue Lightbulb
Pink Lightbulb
Pink Lightbulb
Yellow Lightbulb
Yellow Lightbulb




Geographic location

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