Aunt Arctic interviewing Rory

Full name Rory
Species Penguin
Gender? Male
Gives adventures? No
Position Designer, Construction worker, Furniture maker, Igloos & Interiors owner
For his Club Penguin counterpart, see Rory.
Sometimes building means breaking down a few walls.
— Rory

Rory is a construction worker, designer, furniture maker and owner of Igloos & Interiors[1] in Club Penguin Island.[2] He also appears in Cadence's adventures.

Adventures appeared in

Character Episode
Cadence Chapter 1 - Ep. 1 - Make the Cut
Cadence Chapter 1 - Ep. 2 - Make it Work
Cadence Chapter 1 - Ep. 3 - Make Up
Cadence Chapter 1 - Ep. 4 - Make It Better
Cadence Chapter 1 - Ep. 5 - Make It Big


  • He owns a diamond-tipped jackhammer.[2]
  • He was first seen in the Best of 2015 Mash-Up.
  • Rory has talked about his grandmother but at the same time he is new in the island.

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