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Rooms are places in Club Penguin. Click here to travel through the rooms in Club Penguin via an interactive map. There are many different rooms in Club Penguin, most for both members and non-members. There are some secret rooms that only members can access. Those member-only rooms usually appear during parties or other special events.

Main Rooms

Hidden Rooms

Party Rooms

Special Rooms

Game Rooms

Mission Rooms

Rooms around Club Penguin


Former Rooms

These rooms are no longer in Club Penguin.

Cancelled Rooms

These room were found in a swf or in the Club Penguin Magazine only and can not be found anymore.


  • It is possible to login directly into a particular room, using query strings.[1]
  • Each room can hold a different amount of penguins before it gets full.
  • All of the rooms were updated from bitmap to vector in 2006-2007, to "allow Club Penguin to become wide screen". Previously, (while viewing the .swf files) those with wider screens would see the room .swf as being blurry, depending on how big their screen resolution was.[2]

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