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Rockhopper's Rare Items
Rockhopper's Rare Items logo

Date released October 13, 2006
Available? Yes
Update frequency Every time Rockhopper visits (approximately every 2-3 months before 2013, currently approximately twice a year)
Items sold Clothes, Furniture, Backgrounds
Where found Ship Hold, formerly the Upper Deck

Rockhopper's Rare Items (also known as the Pirate Catalog) is a catalog that Rockhopper brings to Club Penguin every time he visits. It is from this catalog that certain items can be purchased or given away. There is almost always a free item, two clothing items that only members can buy, and a miscellaneous item (such as furniture).

The catalog is available at the Ship Hold whenever The Migrator docks at the Beach. Before the Pirate Party 2007, the catalog was located on the upper deck.

Release history

Rockhopper's Free Gifts

The following are the free items that Rockhopper has brought to Club Penguin Island. These items are either brought back during a later visit or not at all.


  • There have been at least one free item as well as one secret item in this catalog.
  • The catalog was given a new look on December 20, 2012 during the Holiday Party 2012.












Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseItens Raros do Rockhopper
FrenchLes Objets Rares de Rockhopper
SpanishLos extraños objetos de Rockhopper
GermanRockhoppers seltene Sachen
RussianРедкие предметы Рокхоппера


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