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Rockhopper's Quest
Rockhopper's Quest logo

Members only? No
When February 24, 2012 - March 7, 2012
Free Item(s) Non-Member
Crew Cap,
Life Vest,
Shipwreck Beacon Pin,
Rockhopper Background

Viking Lord Helmet, Viking Lord Armor

Location Shipwreck Island, Dinosaur Island, Hall Of The Viking Lords, and Swashbuckler Trading Post
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

Rockhopper's Quest was a party in Club Penguin that occurred from February 24 to March 7, 2012. During the party, players could sail to other islands on the Migrator, in order to help set up a beacon on the dangerous Shipwreck Island, for Rockhopper, who wanted to pass by safely. In order to do this, Gary the Gadget Guy helped upgrade the Migrator.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Crew Cap icon Crew Cap Beach (Feb. 23-29) No
Life Vest Life Vest Beach (Feb. 29-Mar. 7) No
Shipwreck Beacon Pin Shipwreck Beacon Pin Shipwreck Island No
Rockhopper Background photo (ID 9075) Rockhopper Background Obtained by meeting Rockhopper No
Viking Lord Helmet clothing icon ID 1359 Viking Lord Helmet Hall of The Viking Lords Yes
Viking Lord Armor Viking Lord Armor Hall of The Viking Lords Yes



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Rockhopper notes

Other Notes

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