Inside Out Disgust Artwork

Full Name Disgust
Species Emotion
Gender Female
Position Emotion
Appeared Inside Out Party
Color Green
Clothes Items The Disgust, Disgust Neckerchief, Disgusted Dress, Disgusted Shoes
Related To Host
Friends With Sadness, Fear, Joy, Anger
Meetable Character? No
Voiced/ Played By Mindy Kaling

Eww! That seaweed was so wet and slimy, Yuck!
— Disgust

Rockhopper's Disgust is the penguin manifestation of the emotion of disgust within Rockhopper. Players could obtain her costume at the Inside Out Party.

During the party, Rockhopper's five core memories go missing, with one corresponding to each emotion. Rockhopper's core memory for disgust was when he once ate a seaweed sandwich.


Party Dialogue


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