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Rockhopper new look with Yarr

Full Name Captain Rockhopper
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Captain of the Migrator
Appeared Through the telescope at the Beacon Telescope, on his many visits, Club Penguin Shorts, Smoothie Smash, Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid, We Wish You a Merry Walrus
Color Red
Clothes Items Rockhopper's Hat
Rockhopper's Coat
Rockhopper's Eyebrows
Rockhopper's Beard
Rockhopper's Hat Aug 2012
Rockhopper's Belt
Rockhopper's Santa Hat
Rockhopper's Santa Hat (ID 1753)
Rockhopper's Holiday 2013 Beard
Rockhopper's Santa Coat
Migrator Mascot Body (during Fall Fair)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Yarr
Aunt Arctic
You (if you add him)
Innocent Gang
Fruit Tribes
Roofhowse and friends (Blizzard, Sydmull, Jangrah, Lorna)
Merry Walrus
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Fred Tatasciore
It be gettin' choppy! Lower the sail! Land the masts! Man down the hatches! TRIM ME BEARD! No wait, me beard be perfect.

Rockhopper (commonly abbreviated as RH as a slang term from Club Penguin players or Captain Rockhopper) is a friendly pirate who docks at irregular intervals at Club Penguin Island; usually with gifts,[2] puffles,[3] or knowledge.[4]

His ship is only docked at the Beach on special Club Penguin parties or events. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rare items brought over from Rockhopper Island and other places. When he comes to Club Penguin Island, he gives away a free item and sells other items to member penguins in the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. The catalog includes items such as pirate hats like the Puffle Bandana, telescopes, backgrounds, furniture, and other items.

The Migrator

Main article: Migrator

As a pirate, Rockhopper is the owner of a ship. His ship, the Migrator, is his main form of transportation to-and-from Club Penguin Island, to Rockhopper Island.[5]

The Migrator is supposedly built from wood as, according to Rockhopper, it was assembled on Club Penguin Island.[6] It is a streamlined ship with two floors, high-rise sails, and multiple portholes. Rockhopper has used the ship in many expeditions for which he has documented in this journal. In addition, the Migrator is offered to the penguins as a place to practice Treasure Hunt[7] and donate Coins for Change[8] for when he arrives and when the event is on (respectively).

As a mascot

As a mascot, Rockhopper infrequently visits the island as a meet able character; and, in turn, allowing players to obtain his stamp and giveaway. When he does appear, he is sometimes accompanied by his red puffle, Yarr.[9] The two would walk around the island playing "games" with penguins and telling tales of their adventures at sea. Rockhopper changes his appearance to math with the season he is in; for example, at the Holiday Party 2013, Rockhopper intertwined his hat in Christmas lights and put on an additional Santa hat atop his regular, "pirate" hat.[10] Normally, however, before his redesigns, he just put on the Santa hat as he did not have a coat.[11] Continuing with Rockhopper's sprite changes, he also changed his sprite for the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit; decorating his body with colourful face paint and a lilac feather[12] and once again at The Fair 2011 by wearing a Migrator Mascot Body.[13]



The original idea of Rockhopper started when a Club Penguin moderator, Pirate, suggested that they should have a pirate to make the Lighthouse more exciting. With positive feedback, the team began working on what would eventually be Rockhopper.

Rockhopper Early Sketch

Early concept art depicting Pirate's design of Rockhopper.

Early drafts of Rockhopper featured him as a parrot. Eventually, however, Pirate fashioned a sculpture resembling modern day Rockhopper which Lance Priebe (Rsnail) thought looked nice. Happy with the appearance of the pirate captain, the designers got to work make Pirate's idea a reality.[14]


Rockhopper is shown to be a seafaring, adventurous pirate who is extremely brave and courageous, doing things such as fighting off a gigantic squid with only the help of Yarr and his undeveloped firearms.[1]

He is also shown to like the finer things in life, as he has often stated that he would rather sit down and enjoy a cream soda rather than journeying around the land.[15] However, on the other hand, Rockhopper has shown his love for the sea many times; such as when he crashed his ship prior to the events of Rockhopper's Quest and he was so sad that he rebuilt his Migrator to power to the island on a long journey before he built a beacon there so he could travel safely.[16]

List of places explored by Rockhopper

Location Description Exploration time Image
Rockhopper Island Rockhopper Island is one of Rockhopper's main islands. He travels there multiple times a year. The activities that take place here and the island's location are unknown. Sometime in 2005
Rockhopper Island Red Puffle Treasure
Cookie Island Little is known about Cookie Island, though Rockhopper found magical cookies in which he gave to penguins at the Holiday Party 2012. Sometime in 2012
No image new
Frozen Land Like Cookie Island, not much is known about the Frozen Land. Frost Bites are known to inhabit the tundra that covers the area.[17] December 2012
Rockhopper and Frost Bites
Swashbuckler Trading Post Swashbuckler Trading Post is a famous port on Swashbuckler island, which penguins visited with Rockhopper during Rockhopper's Quest. Rockhopper also visited the port with a group of Pirate Crabs before the latter followed him to Club Penguin Island. February 2012 and sometime before November 2014
Swashbuckler Trading Post
Dinosaur Island An island located near Club Penguin Island, Dinosaur Island was home to herds of Dinosaurs and a legendary red gem which Rockhopper used later to build a beacon on Shipwreck island. February 24, 2012
Dinosour Island
Shipwreck Island An apparent mountainous region full of jagged rocks and surrounded by vicious and unrelenting seas, Shipwreck Island was explored by Rockhopper and a group of penguins during Rockhopper's Quest with the intent of planting the legendary red gem (see above) to use as a beacon to guide him and his ship away from the deadly island. Sailed near + February 24, 2012
Shipwreck Island
Innocent Island Home allegedly to the Innocent Gang, Innocent Island is a home to many variants of fruit and other tropical vegetation. Before Rockhopper came and took it, the totem of Big-Big Kahuna resided on the island along with its volcano. August 2012
Innocent Island
Polar Bear Island While there is little documentation of the island, Rockhopper stated that it is full of grumpy Polar Bears.[18] Unknown
No image new
Merry Walrus Island Merry Walrus Island is an island located behind the Crystal Curtain where Merry Walrus and the Blue Crystal Puffles live.[19] Unknown


First Appearance

Before Club Penguin became fully industrialised in the modern form of machinery and high economic value, Rockhopper departed for the first time on March 8, 2005. He sailed to what would be known as Rockhopper Island: a sand covered area laden with palm trees and dotted all around with treasure. Eventually he found Yarr, and the two became lifelong partners and friends.[20] After a year at sea Rockhopper began his return journey to Club Penguin Island. He saw a faint light in the distance which was, in actuality, the Beacon's light. Using the source of light to guide him to the docks of Club Penguin, Rockhopper had finally returned home on October 13, 2006 and was greeted as the first official mascot in Club Penguin.[20]

Discovery of Yarr

During his first launch and sail of the Migrator, Rockhopper crossed paths with a piece of driftwood atop of which sat a red puffle. After taking the puffle in and resting it on top of his shoulder, Rockhopper decided to call the creature 'Yarr' because he responded to Rockhopper whenever he called it. Yarr later became Rockhopper's first mate.[20]


Rockhopper and the Stowaway

Towards the beginning of the year Rockhopper released a publicised version of Rockhopper and the Stowaway which documented the events of a Penguin named Bambadee accidentally boarding his ship before being discovered by Rockhopper. The two later became good friends and they went on several adventures together.[21]

Fall Fair 2007

Later on in September, Rockhopper left several boxes in the Lighthouse that would eventually cause the Fall Fair 2007. Penguins opened some of the boxes to find decorations and games that, when put together by the Party Committee would create the first Fair Club Penguin had known. However, Rockhopper, despite planting the decorations, was not present at the party.


First crash and the Save the Migrator project

On January 17, 2008, Rockhopper and Yarr were making their return trip back to Club Penguin island when an iceberg floated in the way and struck the Migrator. While Rockhopper and Yarr were both unharmed, the Migrator took damage to the base of impact: a hole had appeared from where the iceberg had struck and water began pouring in from the said hole.

After dispatching from the Migrator on a small rowboat with Yarr, he and Rockhopper continued their journey back to civilisation.

Witnessing the crash, Gary the Gadget Guy organised the very first Save the Migrator Project so that they could build a new version of the damaged ship. To do this, Gary created the Aqua Grabber to first find pieces of the half-sunken Migrator and secondly to collect the Cream Soda barrels that began polluting the now known Soda Seas.

Thanks to the work effort of all the penguins involved, the penguin community managed to collectively create a new Migrator; this was evident in the periodically updating Migrator artwork that could be seen at the beach. After the final changes to the ship were complete, Gary used another one of his inventions, the Flare Flinger 3000, to call Rockhopper over to the island to where his new ship was waiting.

Overcome with gratitude at the actions of Gary and the rest of the penguins, Rockhopper fashioned a key to which he placed at the end of his book, Rockhopper's Journal. The key allowed anyone who found it to gain entry to the Captain's Quarters.[20]

Captain's Quarters

After returning from an adventure at sea and docking at Club Penguin once again, Rockhopper allowed penguins access to the Captain's Quarters area of his ship (provided they got the key first). As well as introducing a new game called Treasure Hunt in which players would team up to dig for treasure in sand pits; the more treasure the got, the higher the coin total.

Opening of the Crow's Nest

In addition to the Captain's Quarter's opening, Rockhopper decided to introduce a new room, the Crow's Nest, to complete the fundamentals of ship rooms. On the room it allows a 360º of the surrounding area whilst being extremely easy to reach (through ladders) and quite sturdy. In addition to acting as a visionary tool, the Crow's Nest appears to be a capable offensive and defensive watchtower; fitted with a snowball canon and a high-rise platform that grants enhanced field of view and firing range, the Crow's Nest is one of the Migrator's - and Rockhopper's most essential areas.[22]

Talk like a Pirate Day

Talk like a Pirate Day was done as requested by Rockhopper in an issue of the Club Penguin Times to take place on September 19th, 2008. During the event, Rockhopper encouraged all penguins to use a select amount of words such as "avast" and "yarr" to sound a lot more like the stereotypical pirates found in multiple children and adult media.


Appearance at Walt Disney World

After a blog post from the Club Penguin team, it was revealed that Rockhopper would be visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and would allow people visiting the park to meet him and a blue penguin (possibly Bambadee) for a limited time only.[23][24]

The Fair 2009

After being spotted sailing towards the island in September 2009, Penguins began to what the penguin pirate had brought for them. Surprising them all, Rockhopper had brought decorations and ornaments that would help make and build a second fair to follow up the one in 2007. At this fair, Rockhopper decided to erect a Puffle Circus in an opening of the Forest. In the circus were numerous talented acts (each one a different puffle species) which were orchestrated by the Ringmaster - a Yellow Puffle.

Holiday Party 2009

Returning again after a brief period of absence, Rockhopper decided to host one of the first Coins for Change events in Club Penguin history. To host the event, he started the hub of the transactions to be based on the Migrator. To complete transactions, he placed donation stations in a majority of the rooms in Club Penguin as well as offering them to players for them to place in their igloos. All of the donated coins were placed in the Beacon for counting and then distribution.


The disappearance of Yarr

Before the Migrator had set sail towards the end of the Holiday Party 2009, Yarr went missing.[25][26] Rockhopper made several pleas for help so that he could find his first mate; to which a multitude of penguins responded to.

After discovering that Yarr was indeed hiding in a cave which was revealed to penguins only weeks earlier, Rockhopper was extremely happy to be reunited with his best friend.

Island Adventure Party 2010

On June 20th Rockhopper arrived back on the island with new gifts collected from his explorations.[27] Despite arriving with the intent of joining the Island Adventure Party, Rockhopper missed the party by a few days. However, despite missing his planned party, Rockhopper still visited the island for a short period before departing back to the seas.

The Fair 2010

For the Fair 2010, Rockhopper brought a variety of mysterious items in his catalogue, Rockhopper's Rare Items that gifted those wearing them the powers of "magic".[28] Rockhopper sold these items to penguins and subsequently made the Fair 2010. Rockhopper and Yarr explored the party as mascots for several weeks before setting sail once again.

Holiday Party 2010

Returning once again to the island accompanied with Yarr, Rockhopper set up coins for change for the year. He encouraged penguins to donate saying that they would "fill the lighthouse".[29] During the party, in-between the newspaper interviews and stories, Rockhopper visited the island with Yarr.


The Fair 2011

Rockhopper arrived on Club Island prior to The Fair 2011 starting. He and Yarr eventually became mascots at the party and the two partied with the penguins inhabiting the island before leaving soon after to explore the seas once again.[30]

The Holiday Party 2011

Returning once again for the Holiday Party, Rockhopper returned once again to the island as a mascot to help spread the festivities. Alongside Rockhopper and Yarr, Aunt Arctic was often meetable with the two of them (as well as going by herself sometimes). The two were the party’s mascots until the two former left after the parties' end.

The Island Adventure Party 2011

Rockhopper returned for the Island Adventure Party 2011 instead of missing it like last year. Rockhopper tasked penguins with locating missing cream soda barrels and giving them to him. Once they did, Rockhopper congratulated them as well as acting as a mascot before the parties' end and the pirate's departure.


Second crash and Rockhopper's Quest

After the second crash of the Migrator and the upgrades fitted to it by Gary once again, Rockhopper decided to launch a quest to ensure that his ship was protected when crossing an area of water. To do this, he intended to place a beacon on a nearby island, Shipwreck Island, so he could see if he was nearing too close to its devastating waters. Using his ship's new fitted and lined metallic edges he once again braved the seas to journey to three islands consecutively: Swashbuckler, Dinosaur, and then, finally, Shipwreck. Along the way they picked up supplies, a rare red stone, and then, finally, on the last island, they put them together in a natural beacon that needed no recharging.[31]

After a short return to the island, Rockhopper set off once again to the seas.

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit

Rockhopper discovered a Temple of Fruit on Innocent Island, a tropical island, and made friends with its residents, the Innocent Gang. He brought the temple to Club Penguin Island. He arrived on August 23, 2013. Soon after, Rockhopper discovered that the totem was cursed. He carries the dozens of fruit on his ship to share with penguins on Club Penguin Island. They celebrated like only penguins can... with a brand new and improved fruit-themed Adventure Party! But first, penguins had to destroy the Cursed Volcano before it erupted! Eventually, Big-Big Kahuna was destroyed, and Rockhopper brought it back to Innocent Island.

Holiday Party 2012

Rockhopper has come to Club Penguin on the party. He could be met on the party and get his stamp and background. This was a special time because he played Treasure Hunt with penguins. He helped raise coins for Coins for Change at the Bakery using the Magic Cookie Recipe.


Return to the island

Rockhopper arrives back on the island on September 12, 2013, and stays for one week only. He gives Gary a Magical Book (which ends up being used at the Medieval Party 2013), and gives Rookie a Spectral Sweets Catalog. This is the first time he is shown in the new penguin artwork style and has a body item, a coat.

After an extended trip unlike most of his others, Rockhopper returns to the island on September 12, 2013. His stay is short-lived, however, as he only stays on the island for one week. In that time, he gifts Gary a magical book[32] ends up being the cause of the Medieval Party 2013 as it belongs to one of Gary's ancestors, Garianna.

During his appearances at this time, we also see Rockhopper in his new art style; he has donned a leather coat and his facial and overall model have changed to look a lot sleeker.

Holiday Party 2013

Rockhopper is returning after his September visit for the Coins For Change drive. He suggested the donation to Aunt Arctic to what to do with Herbert's stolen coins. His first sighting was on the Beacon Telescope on December 5, 2013.

On December 12, his ship came closer in its holiday design. Also, it is loaded down by railroad tracks.

On December 19, Rockhopper came to the island with railroad tracks and a new in-game sprite.

Rockhopper once again returned to the island to help with the Coins For Change effort. He was first seen advancing towards the island on December 5, 2013 and he got steadily closer until docking on December 19, 2013. In an effort to make the party unique that year, Rockhopper gave the penguins train sets so that they could build railways lines[33] across the island to raise money and spread holiday cheer simultaneously.


Bringing the Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie to Club Penguin

After adventuring in the seas for a long period of time, Rockhopper discovered that he had several stowaways: puffles. He discovered the Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie puffles. Faced with this knowledge, he returned to Club Penguin with the two puffles and gave them to the island's pet shop so penguins could by them. He later departed to the seas until November.

Pirate Party 2014

On his travels, Rockhopper encountered a group of pirate crabs, in which he befriended by his excessive knowledge and experience of sailing and adventuring the seas.[34] Eventually, with the aim of visiting the penguin pirate's homeland, the pirate crabs boarded the Migrator along with Rockhopper and set sail. At some point during their journey, the pirate crabs "vandalised" the Migrator with an emblem resembling a crab with a pirate hat; and all of the crabs began operating on the deck as they neared the famed island.[35]

Eventually, the crabs crashed the Migrator in the docks of the island, and, as a result, Rockhopper began to label them as enemies. He began rounding up penguins to help hip defeat and stop the crabs from stealing his treasure from which they had recovered from the wreckage.[36][37]

Merry Walrus

Main article: We Wish You a Merry Walrus

Festive appearance at Disney World

Rockhopper, once again with a blue penguin, (now docking a Candy Cane Cap), appeared at Disney World in Orlando Florida; as they appeared on a Club Penguin-themed float designed for Disney's Frozen Celebration. [38][39][40]


Puffle Party 2015

Rockhopper does make an apperance during the Puffle Party 2015. If you brought the stinky cheese to the table, Rockhopper would appear and take it.

Inside Out Party

Rockhopper's mind will be the main focus of the Disney-Pixar Inside Out Party. Penguins will go into his mind using a machine built by Gary the Gadget Guy and help recover his memories after Rockhopper was cursed from eating some stinky cheese.




Animated media

Rockhopper's Stamps

Here is the list of confirmed stamps Rockhopper has:[source needed]


  • Rockhopper's favorite Club Penguin game is Mancala, and his favorite food is Stinky Cheese and pineapples.[44]
  • Rockhopper is the mascot who has visited the most times, hence the stamp you get for meeting him being a medium stamp.
  • Rockhopper sometimes had a Coins For Change 2012 pin on his Player Card during the Holiday Party 2012.
  • Rockhopper had his own igloo, but it melted a long time ago. Now the Migrator is his home.[45]
  • He is the second mascot to appear in a Club Penguin Animated Short.
  • According to one of the comics, Rockhopper likes to eat stinky cheese. His liking for stinky cheese is also shown in issue #373 of the Club Penguin Times, when asked what does Rockhopper Island looks like, he replied that "...I think there will be a stinky cheese restaurant too..."
  • According to Issue #108 of the Club Penguin Times, Rockhopper likes to eat Seaweed Pizza, like Herbert P. Bear.
  • Rockhopper and Sensei are the only penguins to have real eyebrows.
  • He's named after the Rockhopper penguin, known for their bushy eyebrows (a characteristic shared by the Captain himself).
  • Rockhopper visited on September 12, 2013 for one week, to give Gary the Gadget Guy some potions and a Magical Book for the Medieval Party 2013. It was his first appearance in nine months, since the Holiday Party 2012. This is also the first time since 2010 that he did not visit for a party.
    • The reason Rockhopper was gone for so long was because he was trapped in a squall that set the Migrator far out into the sea.[46]
  • Rockhopper got his coat when he came across a dark cave deep into a mountain on a mysterious new land. He only took the coat and left all the other treasures that was there behind because his ship was getting kind of full.[46]
  • He used to come to Club Penguin whenever he saw fireworks (from the Flare Flinger 3000).
  • Rockhopper does not trust any boat that does not have sails; not since he took a ride on Gary's rocket boat.[47]
  • Rockhopper is at least 22 years old.[48]
  • Rockhopper and Gary never met before the end of the Save the Migrator Project, according to the Club Penguin Times
  • Rockhopper illegally downloads things from the Internet; hence, a "pirate".[19]


Main article: Rockhopper/Gallery

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