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Sys Snowbot

Snow-Bot, as seen in System Defender
Similar creatures None
Appeared System Defender
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Future Party
10th Anniversary Party
Halloween Party 2015
Predators N/A
Prey N/A

Robots are machines invented by Gary the Gadget Guy and others. Their intention from being made was for helping Gary in inventing more inventions, but a malfunction caused them to work against Gary and destroy the PSA. Gary and the PSA agents teamed up to destroy the robots, and they were successful. However, they later returned to attack the EPF in 2011 in the game System Defender. They said that they have been repaired by Herbert P. Bear.

In 2012, Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 and other Super Villains attacked, and used Destructobot to try and take over the island. There are Doom Drone henchmen that resemble Destructobot.

Known Robots


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